Wet Nuru Massage

My Most Erotic Best Massage On My Menu 

Have you ever watched porn, like nuru massage and thought, "that looks awesome!" .... It is...

For those that seek something truly REAL 

The Nuru Massage has been hot for a while now...is very sexy & sensual BUT only IF use properly...

If your nuru massage doesn't use REAL and authentic Nuru Gel the experience can be less than what you paid for. Some providers and parlors use a generic cheaper nuru brand or they water it down so much that it doesn't offer the high quality bodyslide you were hoping for. 

This is the reason why my Nuru sessions are more expensive then the average. I use AUTHENTIC AND TOP QUALITY NURU gel...this gel is expensive therefor I only choose to use it on high quality clients. I also use authentic high gloss PU Nuru Sheets. They are also very expensive but they really do add to the nuru experience. The high gloss sheets just feel better, overall Its truly the small details in Nuru that makes all the difference. Also because Nuru is so messy of a session my clean up time between clients is longer then usual. I take the time to properly sanitize and disinfect my workspace to provide you with a immaculate safe and clean Nuru session. I truly strive on proving you with a one of a kind experience because you deserve the best! I promise you that a NURU experience with me will be beautiful, fun, playful and just overall a high quality enjoyable bodyrub experience like no other!


60min Full Nuru Bliss $250

90mins Full Nuru Bliss $300 


 Have Your Ever Desire To Be Fully Drench in warm honey or have hot chocolate erotically drizzle over your body?

Desire No Longer!  

Now you have the chance to experience a Sensual Chocolate Party as I use my entire body to gently glide all over yours with your choice of  your favorite dessert!Let me just give you a small example of just how sweet this party can be…


Drenched in warm chocolate. I will climb on top of you, and massage my body against yours as we slip and slide together.You feel every sweet curve of me! 


60min $300

90min $360

120mins $420

Keep in mind this sexy party is fully customizable 

with your favorite chocolate — from milk, white, dark, even fudge.


 Light up your sensual massage with a glow in the dark body paint! The fun will begin with a shared shower. After our shower I will escort you to my cherry infuse glow in the dark bubbly bath in my blow up pool where you will receive a sensual body to body glow in the dark body slide!  


This treatment IS EXTREMELY FUN AND SENSUAL! So lets light up the night and your inner passionate flame!!! COME and lets make your Intimate paytime more unforgettable!! 

60min $280

90min $350

120mins $420

This fun and exotic massage is performed completely in the dark under a UV light room.